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Food Engineering Department

Program Outcomes

1) Contributed to the ability to use mathematics, basic sciences and engineering knowledge in the field of Food Engineering.

2) contributed to the skill of defining, modeling and solving engineering problems related to Food Engineering.

3) A system or process contributed to the ability to analyze and design in the direction of a defined target.

4) contributed to the skills of using the techniques and tools necessary for Food Engineering applications.

5) contributed to the interpretation skills by analyzing the experiment / project design, implementation and results.

6) Contributed to the ability to adapt to team work.

7) Contributed to individual work skills.

8) Contributed to the ability to communicate by expressing his ideas verbally and / or in writing, openly and concretely, with the ability to make independent decisions.

9) Contributed to the understanding and awareness of life-long learning.

10) Contributed to the acquisition of an understanding of the application of engineering profession in line with ethical, social and legal values.

11) Contributed to the training of food engineers with knowledge of the problems of the ages, high research ability, management skills and entrepreneurial skills.

12) Providing safe food production with alternative, creative and inquisitive thoughts in food engineering applications and contributing to the sustainability of quality consciousness.

13) contributed to the increase in the awareness of the problems of the food engineering at universal issues such as environment, health, work safety.

14) Contributed to the training of food engineers who have knowledge about project management, risk management and change management.

15) Entrepreneurship contributed to the upbringing of food engineers with awareness of innovation and sustainable development.