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Pilot Plants

The pilot facilities of the Food Engineering Department include two main buildings with a total area of 1450 m2 including 1 main building and wine and bakery pilot facilities. The pilot courses are carried out and the students are introduced to the tools and equipment in the facilities. There are the following units in the field:


Fruit and Vegetable Processing Pilot Plant

Packing press


Cherry seed extraction machine

Peeling machine


Boiling boiler

Mixed boiler

Roller dryer

Upright autoclave
Horizontal autoclave
Centrifuge (fruit juice)
Fruit juice tank
Fruit juice concentrator
Freezer (IQF)
Plate Freezer
Fruit juice filling machine
Vacuum packing machine
Plate heat exchanger
Can capping machine
Spray Dryer
Packing Machine
Vacuum Jam Boiler
Water tank
Refrigerator (+ 4 ° C)
Freezer (-25 ° C)
Tin Cutting Machine
Erichsen tin hardness meter
Clamp projection machine
Conductivity meter in canister
Paddy machine
Finger potato cutting machine
Plate filter

Milk Processing Pilot Plant

Raw milk storage tanks

Whey storage tank
Pasteurization tanks
Filling, sealing, packing machine
Pasteurization line (Hermetic separator, homogenizer, plate pasteurizer, stainless steel pump)
Yogurt packing machine
Ripening cabinet (temperature and relative humidity adjustable)
Stephan melting boiler
Kashar boiling tank

Meat Processing Pilot Plant


Filling machine
Meat grinder
Slitting machine
Incense cabinet
Vacuum packing machine
Ice maker
Boiler with steam jacket

Bakery Pilot Plant

Flour silo

Instrument for adjusting the water temperature and quantity
Automatic weigher
Kneading machine
Kneading boiler
Dough boiler lifting tilting machine
Cutting weighing machine
Conical turning machine
Roll forming machine
Intermediate resting machine
Automatic cutting-forming machine
Fermentation cabinet
Rotary bottom air circulation oven
Matador oven
Bread trolley with wire rack
Pan trolley
Dough processing table
Bread slicer
Packing table
Pizza oven
Hamburger bread forming machine
Cooler cabinet
BUHLER Lab. Type of flour mill
BUHLER Lab. Type semolina grinder
Dandruff cleaning machine
Pasta drying equipment


Unit Operations Pilot Plant

Liquid diffusion measuring device
Shell and tube heat exchanger
Wet-dry thermometer
Air speed meter, digital
Reverse osmosis device
Vacuum freeze dryer
Pressure losses test unit in tubular system (Tecquipment)
Fluidized bed system
Mixed, pressure-controlled, externally insulated, steam jacketed boiler + mixing motor
Tray dryer
Hammer Mill
Vibrating screen
Frigo-Scandia IQF (Freezer) + temperature display
Double pipe heat exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger
Thermal conductivity measuring apparatus
Temperature measuring device
Rising film vaporizer (Armfield FT22) + vacuum pump
Solid-liquid extraction unit
Gas diffusion coefficient determination device
Spray dryer (small scale)
Spray dryer (pilot scale)
Fluidized bed dryer
Stirring boiler (lab. Scale)
Vacuum Pump
Digital Precision Scales (Ohaus)
Vacuum Oven
Shaking incubator
Electric convective oven
Water bath (cooled)
Infrared dryer
Water activity measuring device
Ohmic heating unit

Biotechnology Pilot Plant

Single filling valve, sparkling wine filling
Centrifugal pump
Rubber statori pump
Pump with rubber stator
Wine transfer pump
CO2 mixing device for wine
Stainless pump

Weighing machine

Wine filling machine
Bottle cap machine
Corking for sparkling wine bottles
Multilayer filter
200 x 200 x 110 cm cooler
Hydraulic press
Mechanical wine press
Magnetic stirrer with heater
pH meter
Silk heater
Stainless steel tanks
CO2 tube
Wine tanks
Oak Barrels

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