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Food Chemistry Section

General Introduction

Food chemistry is a branch of science that deals with food composition and changes in structure during food processing and storage. Food chemistry is a branch of science that examines both chemical structures in food as well as chemicals contaminated with food. Food chemistry also examines the properties and chemical structures of foodstuffs in food. Food chemistry course covers enzymes, water, carbohydrate, lipid, protein, vitamins and minerals and interactions between nutrients in food.

All research in the field of food chemistry is an attempt to bring an analytical approach to food formulations in foods or model systems and chemical reactions during the processing and storage of foods.


Prof. Dr. Semih Ötleş

Assoc. Prof. .Dr. Özgül Özdestan

Assoc. Prof .Dr. Emine Nakilcioğlu Taş

Research Assistants

Res Assoc.Dr.Canan Kartal

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