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Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Engineering Section

General Introduction

Explaining the production technologies of fruit and vegetable products based on engineering basis and giving information about the laboratory controls and analysis methods of these industrial products were intended in our section. In this contcept, it was aimed to educate food engineers students in fruit and vegetable processing technologies to provide the needs of food industry.

Structure and composition of fruit-vegetables, production technologies of fruit juice, nectar and beverages, processing of tomato products and tomato paste production technology, concentration of fruit and vegetable juices, canned production technology, pasteurization and sterilization values in heat treatment, jam and marmalade production technology, cold and freezing storage technology, drying technology topics are the contents of the course, as well as non-thermal technologies used in fruit and vegetable processing, extraction optimization, natural colorant production, development of functional new fruit-vegetable products and the development of biodegradable polymers from food wastes constitute the innovative study topics of our section. Training and research activities are carried out by 3 faculty members.



Prof. Dr. Fikret Pazır

Prof. Dr. Taner Baysal

Doç.Dr. Seda Ersus Bilek

Ege Üniversitesi